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Planes RC
I design, built (and eventualy... try to fly) either the smalest possible radio controled plane or... the fastest RC Jets.  I know there is no logic behind this!

Some of my planes are for sale here
My small stuff: the Micro-Bee, the ketoochoo, the increadible 5grammes RC plane.

They are able to fly indoor but also inside gymasium.  So, when it's raining for weeks, I am happy to have them!  This is may be the logical behind the fact that I fly Jets AND super small planes.

This peanut size plane is electric, with fully proportionnal radio, weight 22 grammes ready to fly. The 2 hand made spoked wheels weight 0,41 gr !


My First  Jet using a Kerosene based Turbine: The KeroJet 

It is quite a unique jet since it uses a turbine 1/3 the size of the smallest commercialy available turbines.  The result is a 1 kg jet made of foam while all other kerosene jets weight at least 8kg and are made of fiberglass or other hightech materials.   It is fun to watch  but morover increadible to hear !

Inside, a complete 3 pages story about the adventure that has been this first built.

My Electric jets : Rafale, Pyrana, F16...

They use an internal fan driven by a very powerfull electric motor.

They have the same performances than the turbine jets except that they miss the increadible sound & smell of Kerosene, but... I can fly them on all possible RC fields where Turbine jets will not be allowed.


My other projects: Too many planes in the pipeline and so little time to built them !

Here you will find pictures (and Vidéos) of my latest jets, a Panther F9F with kerozene turbine, plus some other plane that I want to built and fly... one day.