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Big boy's life will not be fun without toys (what we have) and fantasies (what we don't have... yet) ! Find here some good ones.

Note: I am NOT in the car/bike business !

--> Pass the cursor on the images bellow to see them change.  Have fun !

BIKES : they are great but even better when they are built just for you. Here how to make it unique.

Mountain Bikes ( VTT ) : Also fun to assemble yourself  the bike that you will ride in the mountain !

CARS : great toys ! Here are some very unique one like a street legal 360 bhp DONKERVOORT, a 420 bhp RangeRover or a CUP 1992. Included on this page is a detailed article on the modification made to the Donkervoort
RADIO CONTROLED PLANES:  either super small like this cute litle 20 grammes parasol plane or...  very fast & mean  2 to 10 kg JETS, using either big Electric ducted fan (EDF) or even real miniature Kerosene turbines  !
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Some of those cars ARE FOR SALE.