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My Micro-planes
All those plane are "peanut size": With 33 cm wingspan, they almost fit on a A4 paper. they use a totaly proportional 3 chanel  RC system, a small electric motor (so call a "pager" because normaly used inside mobile phone for vibrating), and a LithiumPolymer 145mA battery. They can fly indoor or outdoor... when there is no wind.  Mostly used indoor in... winter.
    22 grammes and 13' wing span !
The plane above left is a Nieuport Scale plane. It is a biplane. fly quite fast, so quite scary indoor !

And left... my next chalenge : a 13 cm / 6 grammes radio controled Pitts ! Will it do acro ?  May be but.... NO wind please !

My MicroBee on the left and the KeeToochoo above.

None of them are scale, but they look like  they could replicate a real plane !

More pictures
of the MicroBee