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 Next projets : I am very much interested by this "strange" SU47 plane. It won't be easy to built and to properly fine tune because the real one relly on electronic to be stable. May be I will need some gyros ... ?

And...I am still looking for a big parasol (vintage ?) plane, around 8 kg and 300cm (100" to 120") wingspan, to be used with a multi-cylinders 4 stroke motor. But... I am too lazy to built it from scratch!

So I am looking for a RTF or a used plane ! any help ?

Panther with a micro-Turbine (Kerosene ):

- This is my latest plane   Again I modified a kit originaly made for Electric turbine, to put inside my "micro turbine"and...a smoke system. The plane  weight 2kg and is 110 cm wingspan.

A complete build thread, with many details and lot's of VIDEOS is available here on RCGroup

And already a video is here

And here  .....      And here (bungee launch)