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My first kerosene Jet: Almost a gag!
It is as fun to fly, than to watch those who consider to be owner of "real RC jets", looking at it.

They consider it as a "toy" until... they see it flying

Then, when it take them 20 minutes to assemble their big jet, they wish they could, like me, pull my plane fully assembled out of the car, and throw it in the wind.


Left above : the max temps at the rear is limited to 850 0

Right above :  this is the dual frequency transmission module that goes inside the Graupner transmiter, and the 2 small receivers, who can work on 2 different frequencies, and are linker together by a "data cable" so that it is always the best signal that is used.

left : it is a good idea to bench-test the turbine first, in order to get used to starting it.  Note the propane botle in the hand. Indeed, turbines start first with propane, and then, at 40.000 rpm, kerosene.

Complete built story of this jet

Video of the jet