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Car !
My racing car : a DONKERVOORT D8 cup with 360 bhp.

A VERY FUN CAR : with only 660Kg for 360 hp, it
accelerates like crazy (0 to 60 miles/h in 3.6 seconds)
and beats porsches and ferraris on the track. In addition,
being in a convertible and sitting VERY VERY low
increase the feeling of going fast.
It may be the only donkervoort in the world with an Aileron !
A long 3 Pages article : " Quand la belle devient bête "

My Donkervoort has been vastly improved since I bought it.
This article, in FRENCH, published in the LOTUS and the Donkervoort French bulletin, explains the various stage of modification from STREET to RACE car.

The article includes a lot of TECHNICAL DETAILS and tests results
Fast, vintage, unique, strange... cars are boys best friends !
I have a tendency to modify my cars to make them unique.
Old Porsches CUP : perfect for Week-end club racing !

This one had his glorious hours in the hands of J.P.Jarrier
in the 90'. Now it is it is a perfect car for club racing.
Very light and modified to RSR specs.

Récit de ma plus belle victoire: En Cup à Pau-Arnos en 2003


- A Ford Explorer Sport Track.

-  A very unique 420 bhp Range Rover


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